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Decoupling Digital Advertising

Frederic Filloux of the Washington Post published an article today titled “Why is digital advertising so lousy? Industry is too smug to innovate“. He goes on to say “First, I’m in the same boat as many of my friends in … Continue reading

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Freeloading & Digital Media

The tendency of people to take resources without paying for them may sound like the best approach for digital economics, but the reality is that only a select few really benefit. The current economics of using advertising to pay for … Continue reading

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The Price of Freemium

I learned long ago that nothing in life is free. As much as we like to think that all the content we consume online is free, the reality is that someone somewhere is paying for it. Today most users are … Continue reading

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Sharing Advertising Revenue with Web Users

Giving web services away for free in exchange for ad supported revenue has been the de facto standard for most web 2.0 properties. While the concept works great for Google and a small number of web services, it does not … Continue reading

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Noble Advertising Concept Banned By Facebook

So here we are a tiny little startup trying to make a difference in the world in our attempt to create something of value for consumers and advertisers.  We officially launched this week to give social web users an … Continue reading

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